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Pediatric Oncology is functioning as a separate unit in the Department of Medical Oncology from July 1992, at the 41st Meeting of Governing Council held on 29th December 2008 it was created as Department of Pediatric oncology.

The Department of Pediatric Oncology was created as an Independent Department with effect from 28th March 2009 as per official Memorandum No:KMIO/EST/1/94/2008-09 dated 28.03.2009



  • Provide Inpatient, Outpatient, Daycare, Critical care and Emergency services for children with Cancer.
  • The Department trains DM Students in Paediatric Oncology and Post Graduate (MD/DNB Pediatrics) students posted from various Medical Colleges of Karnataka.
  • Teaching and training nursing staff in management of children and chemotherapy administration.
  • Conducting various eminars/Conferences/Guest Lecturers/Symposiums.
  • Conducting Inter Departmental meeting with department of Radiology.
  • Participating in Institutional Tumour Board meetings, Mortality meetings.
  • Pharmaco-vigilance meeting every month with department of Medical Oncology.
  • Conducting Academic activities for residents are held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Postgraduates present topic in subject seminars, Journal articles and case presentation as part of these academic sessions
  • Teaching and training nursing staff in management of children and chemotherapy administration.
  • The department meeting on statistics and to address any shortcomings within department is held on first Friday on every month.
  • Intradepartmental case discussion for all newly diagnosed and patients with challenges during management are held for optimal patient management.
  • The department has been actively involved in tumour board meeting of NCG and WHO-SEAR-CCN network in CURE ALL intitiative.
  • International Childhood Cancer awareness Day Feb 15th 2023 was conducted. A Walkathon to create awareness on Childhood Cancer was organized. The medical, non medical staff along with patient attenders walked within the campus holding placards. A painting competition was then held for children followed by a talk on childhood cancer awareness and prize distribution.               


Major equipments added during the year 

  • Patients Cot with Railings: 92 No’s
  • Oxygen Wall: 70 No’s
  • Wall Suction with Jar: 70 No’s


Departmental Statistics of Pediatric Oncology 01.01.2022 to 01.12.2022





New Registration






















 Research activities/projects/completed projects, ongoing and new projects

  • The Department of Paediatric Oncology, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology was one of the Nodal Centers of the ICMR study Titled: A Situational Analysis of Childhood Cancer Care Services in India-2022. Released by Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India in September 2022. The Summary of the study is vailable at
  • The Department is part of multicentric study under INPOG “The Indian childhood cancer survivorship study (C2S study) after treatment completion registry of childhood cancers: Multicentric study”. The study was initiated at KMIO from May 2020. So far around 220 children have been enrolled from Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology.
  • Bindu submitted the research proposal “Clinical profile and renal function following unilateral nephropathy in pediatric malignancy after completion of therapy”. This study is aimed to analyze the clinical profile and renal function in childhood cancer patients who have undergone unilateral nephroctomy and has completed the proposed therapy, with malignancy being in remission. Enrolment of patients is completed. Data analysis is beng done.
  • Sowmya did a study on factors associated with treatment refusal in children diagnosed with malignancy. The study is completed and it is in analytical stage.
  • Early Diagnosis and Shared Care-Childhood Cancer Awarness; Bharat Scouts and Guides Auditorium, Bengaluru, March, 2022; NMKRV College, Bengaluru, April 2022; and National College Bengaluru, May 2022.

      Completed Projects:

  • Indian Council of Medical Research: National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research and Kidwai memorial Institute of Oncology Collaborative short term Project titled “Situational Analysis of Childhood Cancer Care Services in India”.

     Ongoing project

  • Initial Response and Clinical Outcome in Pediatric Philadephia Chromosomes Positive Acute Lymphoblatic Leukemia treated with Indian Childhood Collaborative Leukemia Group Protocol and Second generation Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors.
  • A prospective study on Central Nervous System Complications in Children receiving Phase of Indian Childhood Collaborative Leukemia Group Therapy.


Staff Details 





Dr. B.S Aruna Kumari MBBS, MD, DM

Professor  (Adhoc )


Dr. L. Appaji


Professor  (Adhoc)


Dr. A.R Arun Kumar

Associate Professor & In charge HOD


Dr. Nuthan Kumar M.K

Assistant Professor


Dr. Prakruthi S. Kaushik

Assistant Professor


Dr. Vasundhara Kailasnath

Assistant Professor (BMT) (Adhoc)


Dr. T. Avinash

Senior Medical Officer


Papers published in National and International Journals.

Sandeep Kumar, Akshatha L.N., Mohanareddy D.M., Prakruthi S Kaushik, Arun Kumar A R. THE role of ldh and ldh/albumin ratio in pediatric acute leukemia. International Journal of Scientific Research. Volume - 12 | Issue - 04 | April – 2023. 

Krunal Shah , Niyati Sanghavi , Aarthi Viswanathan , Arun Kumar , Nuthan Kumar, Prakruthi Kaushik , B S Aruna Kumari , L Appaji   Optic pathway tumor in an infant with KIAA1109 variants. Pediatr Blood Cancer, 2022 Nov;69(11):e29701.



1. Epidemiology and clinical features of retinoblastoma : A tertiary care centre experience in India. Maneya Padma, Nuthan kumar, Prerana S, Aruna kumari, Appaji L., Aarthi Vishwanathan. South Asian J cancer. 2019.

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3. National Childhood Cancer Comprehensive management policy- A Road Map. Arunkumar AR, Arunakumari BS, RAmachandra C, Vijay CR, Ramesh C, Appaji L, Avinash T, Noopur Nelson, Govardhan HB. Onkologia I Radioterapia. 2019.

4. Effect of yoga on the symptoms response in pediatric brain tumor in patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy. Govardhan HB, Noopur N, Ibrahim K, Arunkumar, Manisha R, Divyashree SJ et al. Onkologia Radiotherapia. 2019:1(46): 034-038.

5. Pattern of admissions into paediatric intensive care unit in a tertiary care cancer centre. Padma Maneya, Nuthan Kumar, Arun kumar, Pooja gujjal chebbi, Jyothi M., Aarthi Vishwanathan, Prerana Nesargi, Akkineni Veena, Saksham Singh, Appaji L. International journal of current research.2019, 11,(06), 4264-4626.

6. Clinical outcomes of critically ill children with cancer admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit of a regional cancer centre in a developing country.Padma M, Jyothi M., Pooja Gujjal Chebbi, Nuthan Kumar, Appaji L, Arunakumari B.S. International Journal of current research.2019,11(06), 4629-4632.

7. Barriers in ensuring adherence to treatment in Pediatric Oncology: experience from a tertiary care center in a developing country. Padma M., Pooja Gujjal Chebbi, Jyothi M., Nuthan Kumar M.K., Arun Kumar A.R., Arunakumari B.S., Appaji L. International journal of current research.2019,11(06), 4615-17.

8. Breastfeeding and its associated risk factors in children with leukemia: A retrospective Study. Appaji L, Suresh R, Kalapar, Sudha R, Manjunatha SN. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol 2018:39:312-5.

9. Profile of Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children under 2 years of age. Anoop C, Appaji L, Padma M, Arunakumari BS, Arun Kumar AR, Avinash T, Vijay CR, Madhumati DS. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol 2018;39:307-11.

10. Atypical Teratoid rhabdoid tumor of the central nervous system: Case series from a regional tertiary care cancer centre in South India. Appaji L., Aruna kumari B.S., Babu K.G., Premalatha CS, Pramod KPR, Bhat Gr, Prem C. J Cancer Res Ther, 2017:13(6):1015-22.

11. Plasma Epstein- Barr and Hepatitis B virus in non-hodgkin lymphomas: Two lymphotropic, potentially oncogenic latently occurring DNA viruses. Sinha M, Rao CR, Premalatha CS, Shafiulla M, Lakshmaiah KC, Jacob LA, Babu GK, Viveka BK, Appaji L, Subramanyam JR. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol. 2016, 37(3):146-51. 


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