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The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics which includes both Population Based Cancer Registry of Bangalore (Since 1982) and Hospital Based Cancer Registry (since 1984) and are included under the network of National Cancer Registry Programme of India (ICMR) and thus has one of the oldest cancer registries in the country. Besides the Registry work, the faculty of the Department is involved in Teaching covering topics on Epidemiology and Biostatistics for various Super speciality¸Post graduate medical courses and also Para medical courses such as Nursing and students of Allied Science courses offered by the Institute. The statistical consultation is offered to the students in the data analysis of their Dissertation/Doctoral thesis. The department also conducts few projects in collaboration with Scientific Organizations. The faculty of the department provides statistical support for various projects, Dissertations, paper publications of the staff of the Institute. The staff of the Registry is involved in training of Social Workers working in several cancer hospitals regarding the cancer registry operations.

The department faculty consists of One Professor, One Associate Professor and One Assistant professor and the non teaching staff of the department includes Field supervisor, Statisticians and Assistant Social Scientists. The faculty of the department provides statistical support to projects in clinical trials and also in basic science conducted by different departments of the Institute. The faculties of the department are frequently invited as Resource Persons for Workshops/Training programmes on Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methodology organized by several professional organizations. The department staffs extensively involved in cancer awareness camps by creating cancer awareness to public, School and College students and for Industrial workers. 



Offering Biostatistics and Research  course for Msc, Bsc, Diploma 



Population Based Cancer Statistics (Please see Statistics Menu in Web Site)

Hospital Based Cancer Statistics (Please see Statistics Menu in Web Site) 



Completed research Projects

Projects Undertaken/Collaborated by the department involving Registry Staff :

1. C. Ramesh – Principal Investigator and Mr. Vijay CR, Co – Principal Investigator for the project “Barriers Related to Screening, Diagnosis and treatment or Oral Cancers in the Resource Limited Setting” in collaboration with Research Triangle Institute of U.S.A. 

2. C. Ramesh – Principal Investigator from KMIO, for the project “ Demographic profile of Lung cancer in India” in collaboration with Thorasic Oncology Disease Management Group, Convener, Dr.                       C.S.Pramesh, Tata memorial Centre, Mumbai. 

3. C. Ramesh – Co Principal Investigator for the Research Project “Correlation of Clinical target volume in Head & Neck Cancer to Pathological Tumor margins and nodal disease and analysis of Predictive          variables for microscopic disease( Proposal submitted to ICMR and clearance awaited). 

4. C. Ramesh – Principal Investigator for the project “Lifelong Vegetarianism and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in India. Case Control Sturdy : Project of Indox Case Control Consortium (Ongoing Project).

5. B.R. GopalaKrishnappa: To identify the risk factors of stomach cancer incidence : Ph.D. work registered under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

6. Vijay C R: Epidemiological Study on Oral Cancer in South India, Bengaluru : Ph.D. work registered under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

7. Jayaram D.J: Microscopically confirmed pharyngeal cancer in South India:- An Epidemiological case-control study. 

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Population Based Cancer Registry.

2. Hospital Based Cancer Registry.

3. Hospital based Cancer Patterns of Care and Survival Studies on Breast, Cervix and Head and Neck cancers.

4.  Population Based Cancer Patterns of Care and Survival Studies of Breast Cervix and Head and Neck Cancers.

5. Hospital based Cancer Patterns of Care and Survival Studies on Gynaecological Malignancies other than Cancer Cervix cancers.

6. Hospital based Cancer Patterns of Care and Survival Studies on  Childhood cancers. 




Designation : Emeritus
Qualification : MSc, Ph.D
Designation : Associate Professor  
Qualification : M.Sc and Ph.D 

Designation : Asst. Social Scientist 

Qualification : M.A 



Designation : Asst. Social Scientist 

Qualification : MSW  



Designation : Asst. Social Scientist 

Qualification : M.A 



Designation : Statastical Assistant

Qualification : M.Sc 



Designation : Field Supervisor

Qualification : MSc, LLB, Ph.D           



Vijay C R, Dr. Lokesh V, Dr Ramesh et al. Epidemiology of Oral cancer-A Hospital based Case Control Study in Bengaluru. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research: December 2017: 5 (08): 26216-26221.

Vijay C R, Dr Ramesh C, Dr P Sridhar, Dr Gopalakrishnappa, Dr V Lokesh. “Gall bladder Cancer Incidence Trend over the time period in Bengaluru” Population Based Cancer Registry (1982-2012). Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research: August 2017: 5 (08): 26210-26215.

Poojar Sridhar, Vijay Calmuge Raghu et al. CANCER CARE IN COVID-19 CRISIS: PANDEMIC OF THE 21ST CENTURY. International Journal of Scientific Research, May 2020: 9( 5).

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Joseph B, Farooq N, Shafeeque MN, Sathiyan S, Lokesh V, Ramesh CVijay C R. Hypofractionation in postmastectomy breast irradiation. How safe are we in using standard tangentials?. Asian J Oncol 2017;3:101-5.

Cherungonath A, Appaji L, Padma M, Arunakumari BS, Arunkumar AR, Avinash T, Vijay C R. et al. Profile of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children under 2 years of age. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol 2018;39:307-11.

Joseph B, Farooq N, Kumar S, Vijay CR, Puthur KJ, Ramesh C, et al. Breast-conserving radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost; field-in-field three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy versus inverse intensity-modulated radiotherapy – A dosimetric comparison: Do we need intensity-modulated radiotherapy? South Asian J Cancer 2018;7:163-6.

Joseph B, Kumar RV, Champaka G, Shenoy A, Sabitha K S, Lokesh V, Ramesh C, Vijay C R. Biological tailoring of adjuvant radiotherapy in head and neck and oral malignancies – The potential role of p53 and eIF4E as predictive parameters.Indian J Cancer 2019;56:330-334.

Dr. Vijay Calmuge Raghu , Dr. Poojar Sridhar, Dr. Ramesh Cheluvarayaswamy et all.“ NOVEL COVID-19 BURDEN IN KARNATAKAAND INDIA: AN ATTEMPT TO FORECAST FUTURE TREND”. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. Volume - 9 | Issue - 6 | June - 2020 | PRINT ISSN No. 2277 – 8179.




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