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Medical Records Department is very Important part of the Institution, which caters to the needs of both Doctors and Patient “Patients and Doctors may forgot but records remembers”.

To the patients to have the records of treatment given and the investigation done in chronological order to enable the patients to have continues treatment and to avoid duplication of investigations.

To Doctors: To Evaluate their own treatment for research work.

Medical Records Department maintains various register form 1981 and case sheets from 2017. There are about 150000 lakhs cases sheets in the Department and approximately 20,000 case sheets are added to its every year. Medical Records Department was computerized in the year 2002 the system is working satisfactorily.

The new cases registered annually have increased from 4201 during 1981 to 20,000 during 2022.

The Department provides Daily, Montly and yearly statistics to Director Office and to the Other Department of the Institute. The Department issues case sheets to the doctors other Reseach Student, HCR, ESI and SAST-KMIO, Research works and claims.  So for in the year 2022 nearly 21,051 case sheets were prepared about 3,59,832 cases sheets were issued for the revisit patients around 17,739 were admitted during this period. Discharge 16803 and Death 875. 

Submission of original case files to court for settlement of legal purpose. Training program of diploma in Medical Records Technology course started from 2017-18. The Department provides Death information to BBMP office through online. 

The Department issues Stationary such as such as requisition, report formsand various registers to all OPD and Departments. The Department helps the patients relatives to get LIC, KGID and others claims.



1.  Medical Records Officer 1

2.  Medical Records Supervisor 1

3.  Asst. Medical Records Officer 1

4.  Asst. Social Scientist 1

5.  Medical Records Technicians 3

6.  Second Division Clerks 5

7.  Class IV Employees 14

17238 new case sheets were prepared during the period Jan 2010 to Dec 2010. About 2, 41,314 case sheets were issued for the revisit patients. Around 17497 patients were admitted and 566 Deaths during this period.





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