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Public relations are art of promoting mutual understanding between various public organizations is equally important for the hospitals.

Public means a target audience, public sentiment is everything. With positive Public sentiment nothing can fail. The word public can be defined as a group of people with similar interest and common opinion on controversial subjects.

There are different type of people who are associated with the hospital outpatient and in patients.

1. In- patient internal PR doctors , nursing superintendents, housekeeping department, technical and Paramedical staff, medical and research department, employees of the hospital, social workers and administration , purchase and supply department, special wards and computerization in the hospital.

2. External environment good wards and corridors, good sanitation facility, illumination and ventilation, front office and maintenance ,gardening , library , display of exhibits , technical machines and operations , pharmacy, sterilization operation instrument.

Objectives and functions of Public Relations Officer :
1. Responsible to improve the internal and external relations of the hospital
2. Work towards better understanding between hospital and public
3. Receiving general complaints from the public.
4. Obtain proper information for the Institution and attend to the complaints in consultation with the Director, Medical Superintendent, and CAO.
5. Responsible for the presentation of the public image of the hospital, organizing publicity, advertising exhibition, film show.
6. Promote favorable publicity or correct wrong information wherever required. 7. Assist the community service program of the Institute.
7. To look into public grievances in consultation with MS and CAO.
8. Projecting the achievements and aims and objectives of the Institute.
9. Develop and maintain good relations with Government / non-governmental organizations and different Institutions.
10. To prepare press releases and reports and arranging press conferences etc.,
11. To follow up the applications of licenses of finance department. IT department with government agencies and government agencies and attend outside work in liaison with external agencies and Institutions.

Duties and Responsibilities :

1. Maintain the vehicles, update and scrutiny of log books. To arrange payment insurance and road tax.
2. Guest House Maintenance, allotment of rooms for scientific doctors.
3. To supervise the work of security staff and arrange for payment of bills.
4. Hospitality charges for the guests, VIPs. Meetings will be look after and also to co-ordinate and arrange visit of guests, students, visitors, VIPS visiting the Institute.
5. As in other Government Institutions, the newspaper notifications regarding various tenders and recruitment, advertisement, publicity should be routed through the public relations officer.
6. Incharge officer of Dharmashala for the past of 4 years.
Proposed Activities of Public Relations Department Provided Extra Staff Are Given :
1. Planning and provide educational guidance about preventive aspects of cancer to patients and their family members.
2. Planning and assisting in opening peripheral cancer Centre in other parts of Karnataka.
3. Planning and assisting community based activities with CDC teaching and education for all medical doctors in the state.
4. Planning and assisting administration to get funds from different corporations and offices.
5. Publication of books by P R Department to educate the public.
6. Planning and assist Director to head of Department Palliative Care to develop the intern relation department of Palliative care to advance cancer patients in district level
7. Planning to upgrade the facility of Dharmashala to the cancer patients coming from different places of Karnataka. I/c Dharmashala officer.
8. Planning and assist Director and concerned departments to mobilize funds to poor patients.
9. Planning and assist Director and develop inter relations department of KIMIO to refer confidence with management and public.
10. Proposed to start new model guest houses/rooms.
11. Extra Staff are required for the development of department of Public Relations which is proposed. M.SIDDA




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